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Flying during a pandemic

In the midst of the pandemic, I’m not sure anything has worried me more than getting on an airplane. Like many of you reading this, ... Read more

OUR OPINION: Looking for clear communication

Usually, this time of the year is filled with back-to-school plans and last-minute vacations as families get prepared for the end of summer vacation. This ... Read more

No greater hard luck story than Harry Bradshaw’s

My introduction to the British Open championship came about from reading historical accounts of Bobby Jones and his remarkable Grand Slam year of 1930 when ... Read more

OUR VIEW: TCSO transparent on jail situation

Over the last few weeks, there’s been much discussion in our community over the outbreak of COVID-19 at the Troup County Jail. We found out ... Read more

OUR OPINION: Thankful for the reserve fund

Superintendent Dr. Brian Shumate, CFO Scott Burckbuchler and others involved in creating the Troup County School Board budget probably feel like they’ve spent a year ... Read more

Putting on Band-Aids on our soul

As much as this country has been through this year, you would think that we would do everything in our power to right our ship, ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Help keep the JSL tradition alive

We’re guessing more than a few people reading this remember riding a bicycle or wagon through the annual Sweet Land of Liberty parade in downtown ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Being inconvenienced is saving lives

People are tired of hearing about COVID-19, and we get it. For the vast majority, we see this unforgiving virus as something that has taken ... Read more

Free mask donation a great gesture

The county announced Thursday that they are partnering with Georgia Emergency Management and Troup County Emergency Management to ensure every citizen in Troup County has ... Read more

GENDUSA: Remembering my father’s way

My father is the best. He will not be with me on Father’s Day because he resides in heaven. However, he remains in my soul. ... Read more

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