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Troup hits 5,000 cases

We still remember March, when we all held our breaths and hoped for the best as the coronavirus started making its way through the United ... Read more

Nothing like a hot breakfast

Sometimes your memory becomes fallible, but my recent off-the-top-of-the-head recollection is that we have experienced consistently colder temperatures this January than in recent years. January ... Read more

States continue to legalize marijuana

Ten years ago, I would not have believed that the collective views regarding marijuana would be so different and somewhat bipartisan as they are today. ... Read more

OUR VIEW: We must learn to live together

On Monday, the country celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Last year, our country’s wounds of racial division were opened ... Read more

God isn’t just the God of the mountain

As we prepare to write each week, we think of what is most fitting for this particular week — that’s the way it is 52 ... Read more

A true second chance

In July 2020, I wrote a column about Senate Bill 288 (SB 288). At the time, the governor had not signed it and I was ... Read more

Requiem for the woman who shares my name

She wasn’t thrilled when I told her I had been invited to write an occasional column for a local publication. After more than three decades ... Read more

Democrats and Republicans must unite against insurrection

In the wake of the failed coup attempt, there is a plan under way to divide Democrats and Republicans, just as there were efforts to ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Be patient with health department workers

Right now, the COVID-19 vaccine is the perfect example of what happens when there’s low supply, yet high demand for a product. District 4 Public ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Virtual week was a good call

We know it was a difficult adjustment for parents, but it appears the Troup County School System’s decision to go virtual for the first week ... Read more

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