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OUR VIEW: Remember the reason for three-day weekend

In the midst of the coronavirus, we’ve all felt pretty cooped on in our homes or work environments. Read more

BOWEN: Ah, here’s something this pandemic has taught us

So, what is it that we’re learning today in this pandemic period? That type of question probably sounds a great deal like one of the ... Read more

TURES: Does Amash’s exit benefit Biden or Trump?

The entrance, and exit, of Michigan Congressman Justin Amash as a possible Libertarian Party candidate will lead to endless debates about whether this help or ... Read more

SMITH: Phyllis George set the standard for broadcasting

News of the death of Phyllis George, the pioneering women’s sportscaster, was such a downer, cutting to the quick, and bringing about deep and abiding ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Owning a firearm is a responsibility

Owning a firearm is definitely a responsibility that should be taken seriously at all times. That responsibility is bestowed upon that man or woman the ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Grant could be ‘game-changer’

Recently, the city of LaGrange received a $2 million grant from the Georgia Department of Affairs to revitalize part of the Whitesville Road corridor. Read more

Neighborliness and community

In a recent issue of “The Christian Science Monitor,” I read a very enlightening editorial entitled “Mercy for the lonely in a pandemic.” Read more

Mark this Memorial Day with courage

Memorial Day in America honors the fallen heroes who served our country and gave their lives to maintain our freedoms. It is a day set ... Read more

New feature on LDN website

There’s a new feature on our website that we think readers will enjoy. The newest addition allows stories on our website to actually be read ... Read more

Thankful for the past year in LaGrange

On May 20, 2019, I started my journey in LaGrange and at The LaGrange Daily News. Now, exactly one year later, I’m looking back at ... Read more

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