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Last gasp of democracy?

By Jack Bernard Bernard is a retired corporate executive Paul Ryan, the Republican former Speaker of the House, said that “Self-governance cannot sustain itself if ... Read more

The hallowed halls of democracy

There will be many stories, opinions, and theories floated around our country regarding the events of January 6th, 2021. Blame will be passed around like ... Read more

Insurrection supporters fail to convince us it was actually antifa

Initially, as the insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol, some supporters all across America cheered them on.  One local likened them to “storming the beaches at ... Read more

OUR VIEW: COVID-19 is out of control

Troup County is currently in the middle of its worst COVID-19 outbreak since the summer and has been for several weeks. But Friday’s COVID-19 numbers ... Read more

Should you represent yourself in court?

Abraham Lincoln said, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Can a person represent himself in court? Yes. The law provides that ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Do your research on COVID-19 vaccine

Last week, we posted a survey on our Facebook page, allowing locals a chance to weigh in on taking the COVID-19 vaccine. We have to ... Read more

On fellowship

Several years ago, I read the book, “Make Your Bed” by Admiral William H. McRaven. It started as a commencement speech at the University of ... Read more

Best wishes to nonprofits merging

Two local nonprofits, New Ventures, Inc. and the Calumet Center for Healing and Attachment, recently announced they would merge. New Ventures will serve as the ... Read more

The great divider will be leaving Washington soon

By Jack Bernard Bernard is a retired corporate executive. In May, Rob Reiner said, “Donald Trump is a failure. He has failed at everything he’s ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Smooth election in Troup County

Once again, Georgia found itself in the national spotlight on Tuesday night, as people from around the country watched vote totals in the highly contested ... Read more

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